topimgVirtual Watch Party!

Ever wonder how everyone else feels about the presidential debates? Live, as they happen?

Want to react, and see everyone’s responses broken down live — using a single button?

We’ve created just that. Our live Debate Event lets you react live throughout the debate, and even shows you shifting opinions as they happen. It uses our live reaction platform, called iasqu (“I ask you”) to deliver unfiltered, minute-by-minute analysis. Post your own reaction using a single button. Easy. Great for watch parties or just to peek at how everyone feels.

How to react

1. Watch or listen to the debate as usual. It will be broadcast on several major networks, on the radio, and online. Here’s a Final Presidential Debate calendar reminder if you need it.

2. Go to the Debate Event (it works best on mobile), answer a couple of questions, and enter the event. You can even try it live now, but answers won’t count until the debate starts:



3. Just move the slider knob. That’s all. The system records your reaction and updates the analysis automatically. The chart and numbers will reflect the shifting sentiment throughout the debate.

  • The “Live Analysis” at the bottom shows demographic breakdowns, just select a group (Age, Gender or Support) to see their live sentiments.
  • Only your most recent response counts in the average, so keep moving the slider to reflect your reaction.
  • You can react before and after the debate but we’re not counting that — it’s running so you can get used to using it.

Post-event, we’ll be publishing the 3rd debate video with live data available for any point in the night. Scrub to any portion to see what the audience was thinking at that exact moment.

We’ll also publish the “Greatest Hits” — the moments that got the biggest reactions — and a regular old analysis of the overall numbers. Keep an eye out for the infographic and results.

And above all, thanks for spending your debate with us!

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