iasqu is the new social platform built for the very simple purpose of asking a question

What is iasqu?

How does iasqu work for you?

iasqu is changing how we…

Listen to fans and customers, understand them, deepen our relationships, and strengthen their loyalty.


Which iasqu solution to gather instant feedback is right for your unique business.


Post questions to garner instant feedback from your fans and loyal customers.


Measure audience insights across multiple-channels with the flexibility to implement new engagement strategies on the fly.


Premium content owners can utilize the monetization strategy that performs best for their content.

The Platform – iasqu in four easy pieces


The Engine is a cloud-based, high-availability service that provides question data, keeps current feeds up to date, collects responses, analyzes responses, and provides insight on those answers.


Iasqu supports many kinds of questions: Yes/No, Sliding Scale, Opinion Over Time, Multiple Choice, and more. Questions can be linked to a person, item, campaign, or event, and triggered to appear on specific conditions.


Our API is a robust interface for asking, embedding, triggering, and monitoring questions — all Engine functions are available for developers to incorporate their own designs. An SDK allows embedding of iasqu feeds into native apps.


Iasqu isn’t an app. It’s a platform that lives inside your ecosystem, under your brand, as a white label service. Combine it with your app, streaming services, retail outlets — anywhere you need a smart widget to pop the question to your customers.